Europe Breakdown Cover Comparison

Use the table below to directly compare European breakdown cover from all of the UK's leading providers. This will quickly help you to find the best insurance for when you visit the continent.

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Type of Cover

Cover for a named vehicle with anyone driving the vehicle covered.


Cover for a single person with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered.


Cover for two people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Both people must live at the same address.


Cover for up to four people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Everyone must live at the same address.

Roadside Assistance
Provides cover if you breakdown at least a 1/4 mile from your home. Cover provider will repair your vehicle at the roadside or tow you to a local garage if the vehicle can't be fixed within a reasonable time frame.
Nationwide Recovery
Provides cover to tow your vehicle to anywhere in the UK if it cannot be fixed at the point of breakdown.
Home Start
Extends cover to also include breakdowns at your home.
Onward Journey
Provides a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation or alternative transport costs to your final destination if your car has to go into a garage to be repaired.
European Cover
Extends your UK breakdown cover to other European countries.
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UK Breakdown


Full Breakdown
Cover inc European Cover


European Break Down Insurance

If you travel abroad either for business or pleasure many would say having European cover is a must. Just imagine breaking down in a strange place, where you may not speak the language fluently and trying to organize the repair or return home of your car and the onward travel arrangements for yourselves. European breakdown insurance does not need to be expensive, simply work out what you want cover for and then compare the prices using our comparison tables.

Even the cheapest and most basic breakdown policies for Europe give 24 hour access to a free English speaking helpline, just think how re assuring that would be if you were unlucky enough to break down abroad.

Which is the best cover?

Levels of cover vary from provider to provider so be sure to compare the details of the polices as well as the prices. Be careful of choosing the cheapest option. While there is nothing wrong with low cost, if all you are entitled to is transport to the nearest garage, you are very quickly going to be handling the challenge of getting your car repaired in a foreign country by your self without the support of a breakdown specialist.

What happens if I break down abroad?

The process is very similar to if you broke down in the UK. Once you have taken out your cover you will be given a phone help line. In the event of a breakdown you would call the providers help line, which is very likely to be English speaking. The operator would identify your whereabouts, you may not know where you are after all you are abroad, and send a qualified mechanic or partner recovery service to hopefully repair your car. If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside you and your car would be transported to a local garage.

If your car were deemed irreparable, most insurance would cover the repatriation of the passengers and the car. There are many additional benefits offered in the more comprehensive policies e.g. Overnight accommodation whilst your car is in the garage, replacement hire vehicles and alternative travel arrangements for the rest of your trip.

Things to Look Out For

There are a few things which are different to a normal UK car breakdown policy. Most European policies set a maximum level on the labour charge, if a garage charges above this maximum you would be expected to pay the balance your self.

Policies also differ in their approach to parts. Most European Breakdown providers will contribute to the locating and transporting of the needed parts however most providers will not pay for the actual parts themselves. Again, if your car required new parts you would probably be expected to pay for them.

Do I need to buy annual cover?

No, specially designed with holiday makers in mind most providers offer European  single trip policies. With these polices you can specify the number of days you need the cover. Remember to inform your provider if you get delayed or extend your stay or add a couple of day?s contingency upfront. Again, the specific details of the various polices vary. Some more comprehensive single trip policies will cover your car for a named period before departure and provide you with a hire car should your become unfit to travel.

Some providers also offer Weekend cover at very competitive prices. With these policies you set the duration -2/3 days and also restrict the mileage you will do from a specified port.

What add on options are there

Policies vary from provider to provider but the most common additions to the basic roadside assistance cover are

  • Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Tents
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Onward travel
  • Cost of an additional driver if the named driver becomes unwell

Extend cover or take out a separate policy?

If you frequently travel in Europe, annual breakdown cover will probably suit your needs the best and provide you with a cost effective solution. If you already have UK Annual Breakdown cover you can probably add European Cover to your existing policy for holidays and this will probably be the cheapest way to insure your vehicle.

Is cover for Europe for the vehicle or the person?

Policies form different providers do vary, but you can choose whether to buy a person led or a vehicle led policy. The vehicle option is usually cheaper and clearly enables more than one named driver to drive with the security of breakdown cover.

Points to note for your cover

Make sure the policy you chooses covers accidents as well as breakdowns, some policies only cover one and not the other.

Be sure to keep your passport, driving license, insurance and European Breakdown Cover documents will you always whilst abroad. Carrying these documents will ensure you have the emergency European Breakdown number to hand if you need it and the relevant ID documents to ensure help is easy and speedy to get.

The mechanic is unlikely to speak fluent English, but the European Breakdown helpline can translate for you in required.

As with all breakdown be clear as to your needs and match them to the policy, which best answers them and you can afford. With European Breakdown cover in place you can look forward and enjoy motoring abroad without any worries.