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Breakdown insurance is a necessary expense that although you may not like paying £100 or so for another insurance product it, in the long run can save you a lot of money and stress being stranded if you broke down.

There are various ways in which you can try and lower the cost of your breakdown policy and these are as follows.

Breakdown cover for yourself or cover for your car?

Consideration to this will help you save money. If you are just one driver with one vehicle and do not drive other cars then this isn't really a factor which would make much difference for you and you can simply choose the cheapest up front option. However, if you are one driver and own several cars or are insured to drive cars owned by other people you should considering covering yourself only, this would save you the cost of several breakdown cover policies. If you and your family drive one car then you should cover your car, this means you only need on policy for all of the people that using the particular vehicle.

Which Coverage Level?

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to price. As we have discussed, most breakdown policy providers offer five different levels of cover to suit a range of requirements and budgets. The offerings of the tiers although broadly similar throughout the small details need to be taken note of to ensure that the slight differences of each company do not leave you out of pocket. An example of this is the amount of passengers that can be transported if you require onward travel, this ranges from 4 to 7 passengers so if you regularly travel with multiple people ensure these will all be covered.

No claims bonuses?

Look at the special offers which many breakdown companies offer if you have not made any callouts within the previous year. Discounts for not having claimed on you breakdown cover can be as high as 25% which is a great incentive for those who do not breakdown but still want the peace of mind breakdown insurance provides.

Pay and Claim Policies?

Pay and claim policies are not as popular as automatic policies however if you have an emergency fund you could use to pay for parts and repair bills should you break down then you should consider a pay and claim policy. As you will need to pay for the parts and repairs upfront and then claim later this usually means your annual fee works out cheaper.

Tailor your cover!

It's often tempting to get the basic level of breakdown cover and 'go with it' although it gives you peace of mind knowing you have a backup plan should you breakdown it may end up costing you more than you expected if you need to get home or require emergency accommodation. This is not the green light to then buy the highest level package with all the extras added on instead! Choose a level of cover which is tailored to your specific driving behaviour. If you just drive around town with your children and have family to transport you back home whilst your car is in the garage then the basic level of cover would suffice.

Many of the top levels of breakdown cover include European cover which many of us do not need. If you are planning on a trip which involves driving in Europe then you should compare the costs of yearly cover vs. single trip cover, the latter often works out cheaper.

Compare breakdown cover quotes online

Instead of taking the first policy you find that meets your needs, take a look at the other policies available and compare cover online. Compare both the price and the features to get the best deal alongside any special offers or voucher codes that may be available.

Breakdown cover is also now commonly available alongside car insurance deals, upgraded bank accounts and so on. Don't discount these deals as they can often save you more money than you would expect.

Helps to narrow down your search as some companies do not provide cover for older cars.

Cover for a named vehicle with anyone driving the vehicle covered.


Cover for a single person with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered.


Cover for two people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Both people must live at the same address.


Cover for up to four people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Everyone must live at the same address.

Extends cover to also include breakdowns at your home.
Provides a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation or alternative transport costs to your final destination if your car has to go into a garage to be repaired.
Provides cover to tow your vehicle to anywhere in the UK if it cannot be fixed at the point of breakdown.
Extends your UK breakdown cover to other European countries.
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