Joint Breakdown Cover Comparison

Our roadside assistance comparison makes it easy for you to compare breakdown offers for couples at a glance. Simply look at the table below to find the best deal for your needs. If you need to filter the results you can do that by clicking on the relevant row or expanding your search via the homepage search box.

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Type of Cover

Cover for a named vehicle with anyone driving the vehicle covered.


Cover for a single person with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered.


Cover for two people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Both people must live at the same address.


Cover for up to four people with every vehicle they are driving or a passenger in covered. Everyone must live at the same address.

Roadside Assistance
Provides cover if you breakdown at least a 1/4 mile from your home. Cover provider will repair your vehicle at the roadside or tow you to a local garage if the vehicle can't be fixed within a reasonable time frame.
Nationwide Recovery
Provides cover to tow your vehicle to anywhere in the UK if it cannot be fixed at the point of breakdown.
Home Start
Extends cover to also include breakdowns at your home.
Onward Journey
Provides a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation or alternative transport costs to your final destination if your car has to go into a garage to be repaired.
European Cover
Extends your UK breakdown cover to other European countries.
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Recovery Reclaim
Joint Cover


Special offer, joint cover for the price of single cover

Roadside Rescue

Joint Roadside Cover

Recovery Extra
Joint Cover


Special offer, joint cover for the price of single cover

Breakdown Cover for Couples

For people who run two or more cars from the same registered address taking out joint breakdown policy from one of the leading suppliers featured here could save you pounds versus taking out separate policies.

Put simply you take out one policy that covers two cars or two people. Providing all with the reassurance that help is at hand should your loved ones need it.

Is this cover right for me?

As always with insurance you need to be clear as to what your needs are and then try to find a policy which answers those needs for a price you can afford. Be careful not to choose a policy which either answers too few of your needs or gives you things you neither want nor value.

Firstly ask yourself...

Do I need Car Breakdown Cover for more than one car? If your answer is Yes, then joint cover may be right for you.

Follow on by asking yourself which of the following elements do I need?

  • Do I want to cover vehicles or people?
  • Do we need Home start?
  • Do we want Onward assistance?
  • Would European Cover be required?

At this stage if the various people or cars have very different needs separate policies may be a better idea. If the needs are common then one policy which provides cover for the pair of you might be right up your street!

How can I make sure I get the best price?

That is easy, having decided you want to take out joint roadside assistance and having decided which elements of the service you need simply use our search box and the leading providers will display their best prices tailored to your needs. Perfect. Choose the one most suitable for you, pay securely on line and the jobs done!

Who are the Top 10 Breakdown recovery providers?

It is always difficult to say who are the Top 10 providers because the list would change based on the judging criteria. That said, all the well-known and reputable providers who offer couple's car cover feature on our site. You will find quotes from Green Flag, RAC, AA and Swinton to name but a few.

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

There are a few conditions you must meet in order to be able to take out Joint Breakdown Cover, these do vary by provider butthe usual ones are below

  • All vehicles must be registered to the same address
  • If people rather than vehicles are covered then they must all live at the same address.

When would this policy not be right for me?

There is really only one main reason why a partner breakdown policy may not be right for you. If you and your partner have very different needs creating a joint policy which is value for money may be difficult.

For example

  • One travels great distances and so would want onward travel home if a breakdown occurs whereas the other only does short trips about town and basic recovery would be enough
  • One requires European cover the other does not

In these sorts of circumstances separate policies will probably provided the best fit to the individuals needs and may work out cheaper than Joint Cover.